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April 1, 2016

What weather conditions are best for sealcoating?

Sealer should not be applied unless the pavement temperature is at least 50o F and the air temperature is 50o F and rising. The fusion of the binder particles to form a uniform and continuous film depends on their ability to soften under the current climate and pavement temperatures.

When sealcoating is applied below 50o F, asphalt particles do not soften and form a continuous film. The color of the sealcoating cured under those conditions usually turns out grey and blotchy in appearance and never returns to its normal slate black appearance, even at higher pavement temperatures. 

August 19, 2015

The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota recently posted this article on their website warning consumers of suspect asphalt firms.

Asphalt Schemes Roll across Region

It’s that time of year when you might get an unexpected knock on your door – especially if you have an older or unpaved parking lot or driveway. Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) warns consumers and business owners that suspect asphalt firms are in the area and trying to rustle up jobs. These operators often go door-to-door claiming they have extra asphalt from a nearby project and they’ll work at a discounted rate. However, the quality of the work is often sub-par and the final bill can sometimes be double – or even many times - the quoted price.

BBB has received reports of this scheme from consumers in the Twin Cities and Rochester area who have been confronted by such “offers” recently. BBB notes that in both of these cases contracts were not provided prior to the work being performed; all agreements were verbal. Customers who deal with companies that operate in this fashion quickly discover that if there are problems with the work performed, they only have a phone number for the company and no other way to contact them if calls are not returned.

“This is what we call a classic scheme, and people fall victim to it every day during the paving season somewhere in Minnesota and North Dakota,” said Dana Badgerow, President and CEO of BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota. “Worse yet, the elderly are often the ones that are targeted the most.”

To avoid asphalt schemes, be sure you know who you’re dealing with. Research the company first at Also, be sure to ask the salesperson if they have a solicitor’s license from the city they’re doing business in – and then verify that by contacting your city officials.

Be on the lookout for these common signs of a suspect asphalt firm:

  • The claim the company has leftover asphalt from another job. Be wary of paving companies stating they are “in the neighborhood” and have extra asphalt to repair your driveway for a minimal cost. Professional asphalt contractors know, with great accuracy, how much paving material is needed to complete a project. They will rarely have leftover materials.
  • High pressure sales. Never hire someone on the spot. Trustworthy contractors provide a written estimate that will be valid for days or even weeks. If you feel that you are being subjected to high-pressure sales tactics, BBB advises you to end the conversation and tell the company you’re not interested.
  • Deals that seem too good to be true. If the quoted price seems very low, chances are the quality of work will also be quite low.
  • No contract is offered. Insist on a contract specifying in detail the work to be performed and the agreed total price, not just price per square foot. Then get at least two more estimates before hiring a contractor.
  • Cash-only sales. Most reputable contractors take checks or credit cards and don’t require cash-only terms.
  • Unmarked trucks. Less than reputable firms often travel in unmarked trucks or ones that have out-of-state license plates. Some research usually reveals that they have no permanent address and phone numbers they give out are not answered.

If asphalt contractors are on your property and you feel work that’s being performed is beyond the scope of what was originally agreed upon, contact the police. Or if you’re suddenly presented with a bill much higher than what was originally discussed, don’t be pressured into making a payment on the spot. Remember, you have rights.

Consumers are often safer dealing with a contractor who has roots in the community. Contact BBB for a free Business Review on any company you are considering doing business with by visiting

May 2015

We are delighted to announce BorderLines’ new logo and website!

Starting as a husband and wife team in 1996, BorderLines has grown to include full-time staff in sales and marketing, accounting, payroll, human resources, operations and training. As the Company evolved over the last 19 years, we felt it was time for our look to evolve as well.

Our designers at Prime Advertising were given the task of creating a strong and memorable logo that embodies our Company mission to build long-lasting relationships through integrity and trust. After a few tweaks and adjustments, we unanimously decided that this logo is the best representation of who we are and what we stand for. The addition of the B P M and the blocks above our company name fittingly represents the industry that we serve. The boldness of the blocks and the black and gold colors symbolize the confidence and strength in the way that we serve our customers and run our operations. We couldn’t be more pleased with our new logo!

In redesigning our website and freshening up our look we hope to achieve improved communications with the public. Our new website offers a friendlier experience with information that is both valuable and easy to find. Throughout the pages you will find details on the services we offer, pavement maintenance tipsfrequently asked questionscustomer testaments to the quality work we provide, and much more. Customers also have the opportunity to help us improve our operations by filling out our brief customer survey.

We invite you to explore our new website and check out our new look. If you like what you see, we’d love to hear from you. The launch of our new logo and website marks the beginning of new and exciting growth for the Company. We hope you come back often to catch up on all of the great things that are happening here at BorderLines!

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