Full-Service Pavement Maintenance

Your commercial pavement is not just a one-time investment; it requires a well-thought and properly executed maintenance plan to ensure that your asphalt is protected from the elements that can cause erosion and deterioration.

Full Service Pavement Maintenance

At BorderLines, we take the time to listen, and recommend solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs. Our industry experts will work with you to create a long-term plan that allows you to budget for future repairs. Proper parking lot maintenance can result in thousands of dollars in savings, as the foundation of the pavement is protected and the life of your parking lot is significantly extended.

We provide comprehensive site evaluations and safety checks for homeowners, business owners and property managers at no cost. We’ll examine the condition of your paved structure to gauge the approximate expected lifetime, make recommendations for how to repair or protect the pavement, and provide a maintenance schedule that’s customized to your property. We look at each property as if we own it, and will not recommend any services that you don’t need. Depending on the scope of the job, we’ll help you prioritize and create a plan of action geared towards your timeframe and budget. For large projects involving multiple phases, we work together to develop a plan that works within your budget and can be completed over time. It may make the most sense to complete one phase of the project right away and wait until the following year to complete another phase. This will give you time to plan and budget for a complete quality job that will fix the problem entirely, instead of patching small areas at a time as a quicker, shorter solution.

Let BorderLines take the hassle of managing an asphalt maintenance schedule off of your hands. From pothole repair to crack sealingsealcoating to pavement sweeping, and pavement marking to snow removal, we’ve got you covered. Our team will accommodate your preferred schedule, working nights, weekends, or holidays to complete the job so that there is minimal disruption to your operations.

To request a free site evaluation, or if you have questions regarding an existing asphalt issue, call us at 763-323-1900 or complete the Estimate Request Form

Maintenance Tips

We recommend that you fill the cracks and joints every year to keep moisture out from underneath your driveway. Cracks in your pavement allow water to penetrate the base beneath the surface which can result in more widespread cracking, sunken or broken-up asphalt, and eventually complete pavement failure.

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I called on a Wednesday and Borderlines came out the very next day and my driveway looks great! They took the extra care to focus on problem areas and did a professional job! Thank You!...

– Tim L.
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