Driveway Aprons

Our pavement specialists will repair or replace your existing asphalt or concrete apron to provide a structurally sound foundation and a smooth transition from driveway to garage.

Driveway Aprons

The apron of your driveway is the area that extends two to six feet out from your concrete garage floor. Over time water and salt infiltrates the gap between the apron and garage floor, eroding the foundation to cause settlement that results in sink holes or empty cavities. These voids can compromise the integrity of your home. If sink holes, foundation blocks, or empty cavities are visible at your driveway’s apron, chances are you need your apron repaired or replaced.

If there are sink holes where the asphalt apron meets the garage, one option is to add an asphalt overlay. However, this is only a temporary fix because the sink holes are likely due to a collapsing foundation. A more permanent solution is to remove the existing apron or damaged portion of it, fill the foundation blocks and raise the level of the base material with new Class 5 or 7 rock. We can then compact the foundation and add new asphalt or concrete to the repair area. The new apron now matches the elevation of the existing surface resulting in a smooth transition from garage floor to driveway.

 When we complete your apron, we guarantee it will last longer than the rest of your driveway.

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Maintenance Tips

Dawn dish soap can aid in removing fresh oil spots from your driveway.

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