Orono, MN

BorderLines is a fully-insured commercial asphalt maintenance company providing various pavement services in Orono, MN. If you are interested in having your pavement serviced, one of our experienced estimators will meet you at the site and take all the time necessary to help you determine which services are going to be the most beneficial for your project, wants, needs and budget. We know how critical it is for commercial sites to keep their businesses running, so we are more than willing to work around your schedule – even if it means completing the project in the evening, on weekends or even during holidays. We will do our absolute best to avoid interrupting your hours of operation.

BorderLines will thoroughly prep your site, use only the best premium products and apply them meticulously with high-quality applicators. Our procedures have been proven over and over to exceed customer expectations throughout each phase of the project. For decades, property managersbusiness ownersschools, religious institutionsmunicipalities and homeowners have relied on us for all of their pavement maintenance needs, including:


Crack Sealing

Asphalt Maintenance and Repairs

Catch Basin Evaluation and Repairs

Pavement Marking

Pavement Sweeping

Snow Management and Removal

Our services for Orono, MN range from temporary overlays to premium repairs, even taking advantage of our infrared patching system, reclamation process or even laying brand new pavement. Regardless of your projects, we’ve got you covered. To learn more, please visit our “Why Choose BorderLines” page.

If you have any questions, please contact us or fill out our Request an Estimate form. 

Our Service Area

BorderLines provides residential and commercial pavement services in the Twin Cities’ North Metro area.