At BorderLines, we take pride in our meticulous sealcoating process because we know the extra effort we put forth guarantees long-lasting and beautiful pavement of the highest quality.


Sealcoating your parking lot and paved walkways protects the asphalt from oxidation and damage caused by salt, water, traffic and weather, and extends the life of the pavement. It also provides the professional and pristine appearance that your employees, customers or tenants will appreciate.

Our sealcoat products are specially formulated to extend the life and enhance the look of your pavement with additives that provide longevity, durability and color enhancement. Never over-diluted, our products follow a consistent-mix design, ensuring optimal adhesion and uniformity of appearance of material across all paved areas of your property. We follow the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) guidelines to provide you with a safer product that is free from environmentally harmful additives.

We are also very conscious of the importance of scheduling and time management for commercial sealcoating projects. Our team will work closely with you to complete the process in phases or during off-hours if necessary, with the ability to work evenings, weekends or holidays to accommodate your schedule.

For optimal results, we recommend you use our pavement sweeping services to thoroughly clean your parking lot before having it sealed. For smaller areas our crew will use high-powered blowers and brooms to remove any dirt or debris. We will then apply a special mix of sealcoat designed for the condition of your pavement. Our technicians will spray, squeegee, or hand-brush the sealcoat, or use a combination of applications, depending on the condition and size of the job. BorderLines will barricade the newly sealed area to keep traffic off during the curing process. As a final step, most customers use our professional pavement marking services to maximize parking space and promote safety and convenience by informing customers where to park, stop or walk.

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Maintenance Tips

Filling the cracks and joints will temporarily get rid of the any ant holes in the asphalt crevices. However, the ants can eat through the rubber and re-make their holes. For a more permanent solution, it is best to contact an exterminating service to help rid the driveway of ants prior to our arrival.

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Last year my dad and I hired your company to resurface our two conjoined driveways-a big job! The work crew came out in August and did a terrific job; both drives and Dad's attached parking lot looked terrific....

– Sandra S-D
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BorderLines provides residential and commercial pavement services in the Twin Cities’ North Metro area.