Why Choose BorderLines

We make it our responsibility to educate our customers about their asphalt surfaces, so they can make informed decisions to minimize the cost of future maintenance.

You need a pavement maintenance company that not only provides superior services, but looks out for your bottom line. We’re committed to building long-lasting relationships through integrity and trust. 

Our staff is continually researching new materials to ensure we are always offering the best and safest products to our customers. We focus on high quality materials with minimal environmental impact, and guarantee a professional application by our experienced technicians. Regardless of the job, BorderLines will stand by our products and our customer service.

Premium Products

Not all sealcoats are created equal. Our sealcoat products are specially formulated to extend the life of your driveway or parking lot, with additives that provide color enhancement, longevity, durability, and adhesion benefits. Never over-diluted, our products follow a consistent-mix design, ensuring optimal adherence and uniformity of appearance across all paved areas of your property.

We use a hot rubberized crack sealer that is specifically formulated to remain flexible during the freezing and warming of Minnesota seasons, and our products meet or exceed Minnesota Department of Transportation specifications for roadway crack fillers.

BorderLines uses traffic marking paint that meets or exceeds Federal and State specifications. Our paints are durable, quick drying, accommodate high traffic volumes, and can withstand extreme weather conditions, including ice and snow.

Our anti-icing and de-icing products are effective on your pavement yet safe for you, your pets, and any surrounding vegetation.

Quality Application Process

From the very beginning of the process, we invest the time to provide the highest quality pavement services that will last. Starting with the pavement preparation and cleaning, we ensure the entire area is properly cleared of any dirt and debris and ready for product application. Skipping this step can compromise the seal or bonding strength, and we refuse to let that happen. Our nearly 30 years of experience, combined with manufacturer’s recommended application methods, guarantees the job is done in the most efficient manner with the least amount of waste, which translates to cost savings for you.

Experienced Crews

Our team of paving professionals are well-trained, professional and meticulous. We believe employee training and development is a key ingredient in running a successful organization, so we hold regular meetings with all of our employees that includes both classroom and mock-situation training. Our technicians also receive continuous on-the-job training to make certain projects are performed to the highest safety and quality standards.

Our snow technicians receive mandatory training to make certain ice and snow are removed from surfaces safely and in the most efficient way possible, all while minimizing pollutant runoff.


At BorderLines we believe that expertise, consistently delivering great service, and transparency is the key to earning your trust. We stand by our work and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a problem arises or you have questions about our service, please contact us right away so that we can remedy the issue. 



As per usual always a great job done by your crew. Would not expect any less, have had many dealings with Borderlines threw the years and been very satisfied. Employees like Justin, Zack & Matt along with the r...

– Leonard T.
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BorderLines provides residential and commercial pavement services in the Twin Cities’ North Metro area.